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Ever since we founded our store in 2000, we had one goal in mind: ensuring a consistent variety of fantastic items along with unique, limited edition and seasonal merchandise that fit any budget. We’re proud of how far we’ve come, and remain committed to adding more great products to our stock year after year.

Our collections are carefully selected with our customers’ needs in mind. Delivery options and payment methods are generous and flexible. Browse our product gallery and start selecting new favorites you won't find anywhere else. For questions, comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Dedicated and professional

What really makes Megan Nicole Fitness great is our committed and professional staff. We’re excited to introduce the great people who are at the heart of our business and do their best to make your experience at Megan Nicole Fitness the best it can be. Scroll down to get to know them.

Young Woman with Curly Hair


Merchandise Buyer

If you call or visit Megan Nicole Fitness, chances are high you’ll meet Max Johnson, our Merchandise Buyer. As an invaluable member of our staff, Max Johnson is admired for their natural talent for problem-solving, creative thinking and commitment over the years.

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Happy Young Man


Customer Service Representative

Jesse Neimus has been a part of the great Megan Nicole Fitness family from the start, and plays a vital role in making sure our clients receive top-notch service and a satisfactory shopping experience.

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Store Manager

Drew Carlyle has been a valued member of our team since the beginning. They are a key part in ensuring that we provide high-quality products and that each customer receives the best service possible.

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