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Be More Committed To Your Growth Than Your BS & Excuses

Have you ever heard the saying you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable? The hard truth is that you have to be more committed to self-growth than to your excuses and bs to make a lifestyle change. And it's going to require a level of honesty with yourself that will make you uncomfortable. Growth does not occur within our comfort zone.

When it comes to your fitness and health goals, it might requires being honest with yourself about how you got to the spot you are in. Maybe that's from eating too much unhealthy food and living a sedentary life which will require you to change your eating habits and start incorporating more physical activity into your lifestyle both inside and outside of the gym. It might mean taking an honest look at your lifestyle of partying and realizing its time to put down the bottle and commit to your health and sobriety goals. It might mean going to therapy, having an open communication with your partner about ending a toxic relationship, or a conversation with you doctor about how you are facing serious health issues if you do not change your lifestyle.

If you are not seeing progress in your fitness journey, it might require being honest with yourself about how much you are fully committing to your goals. Are you really hitting the gym or getting in all of your workouts or are you constantly skipping them? Are you really eating in a deficit or often eating junk food, sugary coffee drinks and treats, and handfuls of untracked snacks several times a week? Are you getting in your 8-10k steps per day or only 2-3x a week? Are you truly pushing yourself in the gym or just showing up?

This can also apply to other aspects of life such as a making a job you are doing on the side your primary income. Are you truly working your business on social media or mindlessly scrolling and commenting? Are you working on your business at night or binging on your shows? Do you have a business plan and marketing strategy or just an idea?

It's easy to give ourselves excuses for our bad behavior. It's easy to cosign on the bs we tell ourselves. But the truth is the only thing standing between you and your goals is the bs excuses you keep telling yourself as to why you cannot achieve them. Sometimes growth means being honest and hurting our own feelings, calling ourselves out on our toxic traits and behaviors that need to be acknowledged and corrected, and knowing that we can do better and become better.

At the end of the day no one can want it for you. Whatever your goal is, you have to want it for yourself. No one else can want your company to be so successful that you do not have to put in the work. No one else can want you to be sober to the point your put down the bottle. No trainer can write you a plan so perfect you do not have to do a single workout. You have to get uncomfortable and do the work. Are you willing to get out of your own way?

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