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Plan Includes


- Consultation via phone call or email to go over your goals and current fitness routine as well as cover any questions you may have regarding training with me

- 6 week custom fitness plan that can be done either at the gym or at home.  I also like to incorporate any other physical activities you like doing into your plan including yoga classes or hiking. Plan will also include video demonstations and written explanations of exercises as well as the option to have your videos to me to doublecheck your form.

-6 Weeks of macro coaching

-Weekly email check-ins to go over questions or form videos to help troubleshoot, keep you accountable and progress you at the speed that's right for you.


***After you have purchased this plan I will be reaching out via email to set up a consultation with you. You can also get started ahead of time on these forms and email them to After the consultation and I have received the health history forms and signed liability forms back I will email your plan to you within 3 business days

6 Week Fitness & Macro Plan for Men

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